Aha Wildlife Bakery is now closed

A big "thank you" to all customers, business partners, suppliers and team members for all the amazing support over the past three years. Aha Wildlife Bakery Limited is now closed.

We are selling our equipment

Most of our equipment is now sold; we still have some good ones left. If you want to fill the gap and open your own pretzel shop, this is your chance! Location of the devices is Christchurch, New Zealand. Please feel free to enquire; inspections welcome! ** Updated 2022-12-09

WP Riehle High Speed Infrared Oven ITES 30x30


Professional infrared conveyor belt oven designed and made in Germany. Ideal for baking pretzels (as everyone who bought pretzels from our shop knows).

This oven bakes with a patented infrared technology, which ensures products contain more moisture and stay longer fresh than with other baking techniques. It is to our knowledge the only oven of this model in New Zealand and also a great piece of equipment for customers to watch as the baked goods come out in continuous mode.

Baking times and modes can be easily programmed (touch screen).

Manufacturer information: https://www.wp-riehle.de/en/products/instore-baking-ites.html

Data Sheet: https://www.wp-riehle.de/fileadmin/wpriehle/product-flyer/WP-Riehle_Datasheet_ITES_EN.pdf (for sale is the 30x30 version)

10-Tray Blast Freezer

... ... ... ................................................

Well working blast chiller/freezer in good condition.

We have used this blast chiller about a year, before we outsourced production. It is in good condition, and we have not even removed all the protective stickers from the manufacturer yet.

  • Food probe integrated: The probe goes into the food, so the freezer knows when the food has reached the target temperature.
  • Works with standard 230V power supply.
  • Fits up to 10 standard 1/1 Gastronorm trays; we have taken the shelving out for transport, but it just takes a few minutes to re-fit it.
  • Chill and freeze modes
  • Chill mode cools food to fridge temperature
  • Freeze mode freezes food
  • The empty device cools down from room temperature to -18 C in about 20-30 minutes; with food it depends on the food.
  • The device is around 800x800cm wide and deep.
  • Comes on wheels for easy movement.
  • Comes without trays and without crates
Type: Twothousand GC10 (see https://www.twothousand.com/10-pans-ce-commercial-restaurant-blast-chiller-freezer-gc-bc10).

Commercial Microwave


Model Bonn CM-1042T

Very good device in very good condition; barely used; very clean.

This is a professional, programmable microwave with a new price of more than $1500.

Cassida Coin Counter


Do you always find hundreds of coins between the couch pillows? Are you operating a casino in your backyard? Or are you running a hospo business, bakery, dairy, etc. and get a lot of coin money?

The coin cash-up is quickly done with this coin sorter. It works amazingly well; just all money in at the top, and then it is automatically counted and sorted.

We have used it for about a year. It helped us improving cash-up accuracy to near 100% and saved about 15 minutes coin counting time per shift.

This is not a cheap direct import; it is a Cassida quality device.

New price $448: https://moneycounter.co.nz/Coin-counters-and-sorters/Cassida-coin-sorter-counter

How does the coin sorter work? See this video: https://youtu.be/3gDCbpFBf10

Although the video shows US coins, the sorter for sale here counts and sorts New Zealand coins. Important: This machine does not wrap coins (although stated on the packaging)!

Pretzel Dipping Machine "WP Riehle Tauchboy"


The famous German manual pretzel dipping table "WP Riehle Tauchboy". Only used for one year; therefore in great condition. German quality; sturdy and works well.

Make giant soft pretzels and similarly dipped products (pretzel buns, pretzel croissants, pretzel bites, pretzel sticks, etc.) effortless and in large quantities.

Official information from the manufacturer: https://www.wp-riehle.de/en/products/pretzel-lye-application-tauchboy.html

The manufacturer has got a video about how it works on youtube: https://youtu.be/OdPFbnNRlsA

Data sheet: https://www.wp-riehle.de/fileadmin/wpriehle/product-flyer/WP-Riehle_Datasheet_Tauchboy_EN.pdf

This is the 400x600 size device. It comes with a big blue container for alkaline storage.
The table is available for purchase in Christchurch. Inspections welcome.

Natural Timber Benchtop / Slab *SOLD*


Beautiful Benchtop; real timber

Top side varnished; underneath and back rough

3600mm long
490mm wide at the narrowest bits
55mm thick

all measurements approximately

Contact: info at ahawildlifebakery dot com