A taste of Germany in Christchurch

Do you miss something exotic? European cuisine? A quick snack that reminds you of that last trip to Germany? How about something freshly baked? Maybe an authentic German pretzel?

Authentic German Pretzels are exotic and special!

Some call them “pretzl”; some talk about “giant pretzels”, others say “soft pretzels” – and we do not talk about those who confuse them with bagels, or even compare them to donuts. Pretzels are entirely their own category.

Pretzels origin from Southern Germany, and anyone who has ever been in Frankfurt or further South will have tried them: Germans have them for breakfast, for a quick snack in between meals, and even after dinner with a beer. From business meetings to the world famous Oktoberfest, pretzels are ubiquitous, and there are good reasons why!

“Brotzeit” – Germans love their pretzels with butter (“Butterbrezel”)!

They come freshly baked, taste savoury, are as addictive as potato chips, can be enjoyed with meals, with a beer, or by themselves. Real German pretzels do not have a filling, but Germans love them with butter for breakfast. Soft like a bun inside and slightly crunchy outside, they have not only made it to one of the top foods in Germany

Christchurch and Southern Germany being some 18,000 km apart, the occasional trip to the bakery might have prevented some gourmets from getting their daily pretzel fix. Until now, when a small cafe in the Riverside Market teamed up with two baking family companies for a permanent and reliable, daily supply: Aha Wildlife Bakery operates the only authentic German Pretzel Oven on the entire South Island, and bakes the awesome pretzels from Bloom’s Pretzels and MyBretzl fresh all throughout the day.

Chances are high that the handmade pretzel you get at Riverside Market in Christchurch is still warm from the oven, same as in Germany, on your last visit to Oktoberfest…

Freshly baked salted Pretzel at Riverside Market, Christchurch