Bacon & Cheese Pretzels

Bacon & Cheese Pretzels for breakfast at Aha Wildlife Bakery, Riverside Market, Christchurch

Did you know where to get fabulous Bacon&Cheese pretzels in Christchurch? Like, those for the perfect Saturday Morning Breakfast?

Well, we do, because we have them in our shop – and they are pretty legendary. Wait, don’t we normally make wildlife shaped pretzels?

Yes, we do. We actually make only wildlife shaped pretzels. The pretzel-shaped pretzels are prepared for us by Bloom’s Pretzels, a great little NZ family company in Auckland.

Bloom's Pretzels Logo
The lovely company “Bloom’s Pretzels” supplies us with beautifully knotted pretzels.

While we at Aha make the best kiwi-shaped pretzels in the world, to be hontest, we are not very skilled at knotting normal-shaped pretzels, and think we better leave it to the experts, like Bloom’s. We then bake them here in Christchurch, and fill them with cheese and bacon. That’s why it smells so nice when you enter Riverside Market in the morning to have your coffee.

Our and Bloom’s pretzels sell out quickly, especially on weekends. If you want to be sure to not miss out, pre-order some for you and your loved ones on the afternoon before you come in.

Enjoy your Christchurch CBD breakfast along the river with bacon & cheese pretzels at Riverside!