We are a very special little enterprise and get a lot of questions around that. We give the answers to the most popular questions here on our website. Feel free to visit us anytime for a chat, if you have more questions or suggestions about how to improve!

What is so special about your bread?

Our bread is a double-novelty. Firstly, it is a New Zealand made flavour, not available anywhere else in the world. It is crunchy, crispy and savoury. Secondly, it is shaped like New Zealand wildlife.

Why do you shape your bread like wildlife?

We wanted to create a real kiwi product. From an international perspective, New Zeland is known for its landscape, rugby, and wildlife. We chose “wildlife” as our theme, as this benefits most from increased awareness – and because our founder is a wildlife expert, of course.

Can I get similar products somewhere else?

Not at the moment. Our product designs are so unique and special that we have decided to register and protect them.

Where can I buy your products?

We are exclusively at the Riverside Market in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ensure you visit us!

Are you a charity?

No. We are a profit oriented social enterprise with a focus on New Zealand native wildlife.

Do I donate with every purchase?

No. If you wish to donate to help the native New Zealand wildlife, we suggest you use the donation box on our market stall, or transfer money directly to one of the local wildlife organisations. This ensures that your money goes directly to where it is needed, and the administrative cost are as low as possible.

Do you donate money to wildlife organizations?

We see our mission as raising awareness and creating a platform in the heart of the city. Our owner donates her time volunteering at the wildlife hospital. Last but not least we sure donate a little bit of money, where we can.

Do you have video surveillance on your premises?

Yes. Please find our surveillance policy here.