Kiwis & Whales are on vacation

Emily Kiwi and George Whale playing waterball in the sunshine at the ocean. The kiwi is protected from the sun by a beach umbrella.
When Emily Kiwi & George Whale travel, they strictly adhere to the current travel and alert level guidelines.

Dear pretzel fans,

We have to stop producing the kiwi and whale shaped pretzels temporarily.

The COVID situation has given us quite some challenges with their production. We especially miss the cruise ships loads and bus loads full of international customers, keen to discover unique and exciting, hand made and local products in our stunning Riverside Market and eating truck loads of our famous and delicious, locally hand made kiwi pretzels.

You locals support us as well, and we hear every day so many times how much you love our freshly baked kiwi pretzels – thank you so much, dear customers and friends! Your feedback has encouraged us to work hard and keep going!

To ensure we can continue to supply you with the best kiwi-pretzels in the world again soon, we are working on solutions how to make them in a far smaller scale efficiently enough to keep them at a reasonable price.

Until then, have a look at all the other yummy things we make, and we assure you, they are great as well! Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!