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Aha – the coolest NZ Vaccine Pass Validator!

Since New Zealand has switched to the traffic light system, there are plenty of voices complaining about how difficult it is to ask and scan everyone for their passport.

We at Aha Wildlife Bakery did not have time to complain, so we grabbed an old laptop, purchased a super fast barcode scanner, and got our own, super fast and convenient passport verification system up and running on the first day of the traffic light system.

Clear signage ensures customers know what to do

Thanks to very clear signage the number of customers shocked by a sudden vaccine pass check was literally zero. There are no confronting situations, and our team has very few to worry about.

The system is so cool that customers actually love to scan their passport – it is as smooth and convenient as at the boarding gates at the international airports. The team even has encountered people who were so excited to try the system out that they asked if they may scan their vaccine passport without being a customer. – Sure!

So… how does it work?

We have placed a barcode scanner next to the eftpos terminal, with large “vaccine passport scanner” signage. Customers are kindly asked to hold their vaccine passport under the scanner. The scanner then reads the QR code and sends it to a computer screen, where the information stored in the pass is displayed. A short glance on the screen tells the cashier everything they need to know: Is the passport valid? Who owns it, and how old is the owner of the vaccine pass?

Compared to a tablet-based or smartphone-based system, our system has clear advantages that rectified the additional effort of creating a software solution from our perspective:

  • No second person for scanning passports necessary – it’s a no-hands operation.
  • Super easy to use and worry-free for the team.
  • It’s a time-saver: while the customer looks for their passport and scans it, the cashier can start processing the order already.
Technical diagram of the NZ vaccine passport verifier solution

Despite all this being in production use from day zero, the system is still a long way from being a turnkey solution: Setup & installation require advanced IT skills. But we have made the source code and application available “open source” and free. This means, there are no license fees. We see this as our contribution in the fight against the pandemic. Our industry has been supported by the people of NZ for many months now; let’s show how resilient we got, and that we can do so much more than just supplying great food and entertaining!

Is it legal to use a custom-made vaccine pass verification? – Yes; the NZ Ministry of Health has published very clear technical guidelines to ensure all apps accept only valid vaccine passports.

If you think of using our solution and do not really like computers, we recommend asking your friendly IT service provider to give you a hand installing our open source NZ My Vaccine Pass validator / verifier. If you love to experiment a bit, feel free to give it a go!