Our Story

Our founder is a veterinarian in Thailand. She used to work there as a specialist for exotic pets. Here in New Zealand, she works as a volunteer at the Wildlife Hospital. She loves the exotic New Zealand species and travelled through the country to see Whales and Dolphins, Seals and Keas, Penguins and Albatrosses. She also started baking. Although she had not ever baked before, the first attempts went so well, that her friends called in every night and asked when she would bake again.

One day on a trip to Fjordland, she saw people feeding wild Keas, just for the sake of taking pictures. She thought about ways to ensure that people know about the enormeous value of the New Zealand wildlife, and came up with the idea to found a brand that promotes the local native wildlife.

Inspired by the food she likes she curated recipes and made them look like animals. The result was a food innovation: Kiwi-shaped pretzels, something not available anywhere else in the world. Whale-shaped pretzels followed, then penguin-shaped cookies, and many more.

Aha Wildlife Bakery is now one of the most photographed spots on the popular Riverside Market in central Christchurch, and shows off New Zealand’s unique fauna with wall paintings, cartoon signage and delicious, wildlife-shaped food.

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